Vanderhurd - "Inspiration is a moment in time"

After leaving college in 1973, Christine was based in Europe and created textiles under the name of Christine Van. She worked with designers such as Yves Saint Laurent, Liberty, Osborne & Little and Biba. In 1980 when her daughter was born, she launched the company Christine Van Der Hurd, and that is when the carpet designs began. A major turning point was in 2003 when Jasper, her late son, joined the business and ran the New York studio whilst she worked in London. They became Vanderhurd, and unlike her, he did all his designs on the computer. In other words hebrought Christine Van der Hurd into the 21st C.

Vanderhurd, the company, has evolved over the last thirty years from the inspired designs of a young student born in London’s Portobello from established antiques dealing parents into the internationally acclaimed design studio it is today.  As Christine designed and produced a one-off carpet, she experienced a revelation that became an all-enveloping inspiration for what was to become her eponymous bespoke textile design firm.